Richard V. Smalley Memorial Award and Lectureship

In memory of past Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) president and charter member, Dr. Richard V. Smalley, SITC is proud to present the Richard V. Smalley Memorial Award and Lectureship annually to a recognizable clinician/scientist and luminary in the field who has significantly contributed to the advancement of cancer immunotherapy research.

Established in 2005, the SITC Smalley Award is the society’s most prestigious award and serves to honor those who have been pioneers in their work and made a notable impact worthy of high regard and recognition by their peers. As a part of the award, the honoree serves as a primary keynote presenter at the society's Annual Meeting, delivering a lecture on his/her research. The award is accompanied by an honorarium of $5,000.

Dr. Philip Greenberg accepts the 2018 SITC Smalley Memorial Award at the 33rd Annual Meeting.

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Past Smalley Award Recipients


Elizabeth M. Jaffee, MD, FAIO, FAACR, FACP, FAAAS
Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins


Robert Schreiber, PhD
Washington University School of Medicine


Zelig Eshhar, PhD
Weizmann Institute of Science Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center


Crystal L Mackall, MD
Stanford University


Lieping Chen, MD, PhD
Yale Cancer Center


Gordon Freeman, PhD
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


Arlene Sharpe, MD, PhD
Harvard Medical School


Olivera (Olja) J. Finn, PhD 
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine


Philip D. Greenberg, MD
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

2017 Recipient

Paul Sondel, MD, PhD
University of Wisconsin-Madison

2016 Recipient

Suzanne L. Topalian, MD
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

2015 Recipient

Tasuku Honjo, MD, PhD
Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine

2014 Recipient

Giorgio Trinchieri, MD
National Cancer Institute

2013 Recipient

Carl H. June, MD
University of Pennsylvania

2012 Recipient

Theresa L. Whiteside, PhD
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

2011 Recipient

Ralph M. Steinman, MD
The Rockefeller University

2010 Recipient

James P. Allison, PhD
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

2009 Recipient

Isaiah J. Fidler, DVM, PhD
MD Anderson Cancer Center

2008 Recipient

Giorgio Parmiani, MD
San Raffaele Foundation

2007 Recipient

Ernest Borden, MD
Cleveland Clinic Foundation

2006 Recipient

Ronald Levy, MD
Stanford University School of Medicine

2005 Recipient

Steven A. Rosenberg, MD, PhD
National Cancer Institute