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ScRNA-seq reveals novel immune-suppressive T cells and investigates CMV-TCR-T cells cytotoxicity against GBM

Article has an altmetric score of 385
Xinmiao Long, Zuping Zhang, Yuzhe, Kun Deng, Wei Gao, Meng Huang, Xiangyu Wang, Xiang Lin, Xiaoling She, Yiming Zhao, Minfu Zhang, Cheng Huang, Shiyi Wang, Yinfei Du, Peng Du, Shuai Chen, Qing Liu and Minghua Wu


Tumor-targeted therapy with BRAF-inhibitor recruits activated dendritic cells to promote tumor immunity in melanoma

Article has an altmetric score of 385
Florian Hornsteiner, Janine Vierthaler, Helen Strandt, Antonia Resag, Zhe Fu, Markus Ausserhofer, Christoph H Tripp, Sophie Dieckmann, Markus Kanduth, Kathryn Farrand, Sarah Bregar, Niloofar Nemati, Natascha Hermann-Kleiter, Athanasios Seretis, Sudhir Morla, David Mullins, Francesca Finotello, Zlatko Trajanoski, Guido Wollmann, Franca Ronchese, Marc Schmitz, Ian F Hermans and Patrizia Stoitzner


Placental circulating T cells: a novel, allogeneic CAR-T cell platform with preserved T-cell stemness, more favorable cytokine profile, and durable efficacy compared to adult PBMC-derived CAR-T

Article has an altmetric score of 385
Renske M T ten Ham, Maartje W Rohaan, Inge Jedema, Rob Kessels, Wim Stegeman, Walter Scheepmaker, Bastiaan Nuijen, Cynthia Nijenhuis, Melanie Lindenberg, Troels Holz Borch, Tine Monberg, Marco Donia, Inge Marie Svane, Wim van Harten, John Haanen and Valesca P Retel


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