SITC Clinical Immuno-Oncology Network (SCION) Workshop

Application Submissions Close
July 22, 2024

Applicants Notified
September 2024

Small Group Virtual Pre-Meeting
January 2025 (Day/Time TBD)


Designed to address the unique considerations for designing clinical trial protocols focused on cancer immunotherapy, the SCION Workshop connects participants with experienced faculty in the field and dedicated patient advocates to advise on clinical trial protocol development.


Eligible applicants are those working in the field of cancer immunotherapy who want to develop their own immunotherapy clinical trial protocols. You will be working with other scholars and an expert group of mentors, you will learn to consider the critical and essential elements in a modern Immuno-Oncology Protocol.

Eligible applicants include, but are not limited to, clinical fellows and junior faculty/attendings with medical, surgical, radiation, urologic, gynecologic, or pediatric oncology training. We also accept advanced degree scientists (e.g., Masters, PhD, PharmD, DNP) with research experience and interest in clinical and translational immuno-oncology.

Applicants can be from academic, non-profit, or for-profit organizations, including the pharmaceutical industry/biotechnology.


At the conclusion of the SCION Workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize best practices and overcome the unique challenges in clinical trial design specific to cancer immunotherapy
  • Describe cancer immunotherapy clinical trial endpoints, biomarker development and validation and combination strategies
  • Develop their own clinical trial design with appropriate clinical and biomarker endpoints, and draft a protocol and informed consent
  • Estimate cost, process steps, quality issues, and regulatory path for development and approval of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs)
  • Understand the special issues associated with ATMPs, medicines based on genes, tissues or cells in oncology

In addition to deepening their understanding of integral facets of the field of cancer immunotherapy, attendees will expand their professional network, developing new relationships with faculty and other thought leaders in this intimate setting.

SCION Organizers

Codruta Chiuzan, PhD

Codruta Chiuzan, PhD
Institute of Health System Science, Northwell Health

Deborah Collyar, B.sci

Deborah Collyar, B.sci
Patient Advocates in Research

Isabella C. Glitza Oliva, MD, PhD

Isabella C. Glitza Oliva, MD, PhD
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Yana Najjar, MD

Yana Najjar, MD
UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

Chris Takimoto, MD, PhD

Chris Takimoto, MD, PhD
IGM Biosciences

Elizabeth Garrett-Mayer, PhD
Program Advisor

Elizabeth Garrett-Mayer, PhD
American Society of Clinical Oncology

Award Opportunities

Martin “Mac” Cheever Excellence in Clinical Trial Design Travel Awards

Established in 2022 in loving memory of Dr. Martin “Mac” Cheever, this fund recognizes his many contributions to the field of cancer immunotherapy by providing travel awards to deserving early career investigators pursuing excellence in clinical trial design.

A second award will be selected from the participants in the SCION Workshop. One award will be given to the participant deemed to have the most simple and elegant protocol. The second award will be focused on primary immunoprevention and immune interception. For this award, SITC will consider a trial with protocols which address immunotherapies to prevent primary cancer, including (but not limited to) methods to identify and stimulate immune recognition of precursor or preneoplastic lesions, strategies to provide prophylactic immunity against cancer, immunotherapies for precancerous conditions or immunoprevention of their recurrence in patients with high-risk familial cancers. Protocols for smaller pilot studies will also be considered. 

Both awardees will receive travel reimbursement to the SITC 40th Anniversary Annual Meeting (SITC 2025) through SITC’s Forward Fund.

SITC established the Forward Fund in 2012, to stimulate the development and application of cancer immunology and immunotherapy by financially supporting its education and research. Contributions to the Forward Fund help provide grants to promising young post-doctoral researchers, advocate for more young scientists to enter the field of cancer immunotherapy research and much more.

Learn more about the SITC Forward Fund >

Application Process

Applications are due July 22, 2024

Application Details

Selection: Selection is made by the SITC Clinical Immuno-Oncology Network (SCION) Workshop Organizers. Applicants will be notified via email of their application’s status within 10 weeks of the application deadline.

Terms: SCION participants will pay a registration fee for the SCION workshop. SCION participants will cover all costs for travel and lodging. This registration fee includes participation in the SITC Cancer immunotherapy Winter School.

Application Process: Applicants will submit a completed application form, sponsor statement (from a mentor/supervisor), an applicant statement of interest, curriculum vitae, and abstract of the proposed protocol. 

90-day Reporting: Workshop attendees are required to complete and submit a 90-day report following the conclusion of the 2025 SITC Clinical Immuno-Oncology Network (SCION) Workshop and provide an updated protocol that reflects progress since workshop completion. This report will include:

  • Project title
  • Brief overview of the project progress to date
  • Description of highlights related to your participation in the SCION Workshop
  • Outcomes determined at this date

"Mac" Cheever SITC Travel Award: The 90-day reports demonstrating progress on participants’ protocols will be used, in part, to select two recipients for the Martin “Mac” Cheever Excellence in Clinical Trial Design Travel Awards. One awardee will be selected from the SCION participants for having the most “simple and elegant” protocol. The second award will be given to the participant whose protocol focuses on immunoprevention/immune interception. The awardees will receive flight, hotel, and meal reimbursement to fully support his/her travel to the SITC 2025 Annual meeting. 

Summary of Application Packet

The application should be organized as outlined below:

1) Applicant Information

Name, professional designation (MD/PhD/other), institution/organization, professional role, email, work setting, field of research/specialty, disease state, gender, and ethnicity.

2) Curriculum Vitae

NIH Biosketch or equivalent (maximum 5 pages)

3) Statement of Interest

Please tell us why you are interested in this workshop in 500 words or less. Please include:

  • A description of your career path up to this point and your aspirations for its future.
  • Background and experience in cancer immunotherapy, including current research and clinical projects.
  • A brief overview of your proposed clinical trial protocol in cancer immunotherapy research and development.
  • Trial reagent availability support currently available and plans to seek funding.

4) Letter from Department Chair, Supervisor, or Mentor

Must provide a statement of support stating that the applicant will have time and relevant resources provided to conduct or oversee their trial (e.g. research nurse, appropriate equipment, etc.).

  • The candidate’s role and academic or other appointment(s)
  • A brief description of the proposed clinical trial
  • Program support now available or intended for the term of the trial

5) Abstract Protocol

A one-page (approximately 500 word) summary of your proposed interventional study. Please include:

  1. The unmet clinical need you will be addressing including the target patient population
  2. Trial objectives and endpoints
  3. Immunologic and other biomarkers proposed (essential, contextual, and emergent/experimental
  4. The study design, including the planned number of patients (with justification for sample size) and 
    timeline for enrollment

6) Confidentiality Acknowledgement

Applicants must review and acknowledge a confidentiality statement.

Other registration Information

Program Deadlines

Application Submissions Close
July 22, 2024

Applicants Notified
September 2024

Virtual Pre-Meeting with Small Group
January (Day/Time TBD)

SCION Workshop in Austin, TX
February 11-14, 2025

Registration Rates

Registration Category Registration Rate
General Member  $            1,500.00
Student Member  $            1,000.00
Industry Member  $            2,500.00
General Non-Member  $            1,800.00
Student Non-Member  $            1,100.00
Industry Non-Member  $            3,000.00
LMIE Member (not available to industry)  $                  - 
LMIE Non-Member (not available to industry)  $                   25.00